All survey respondents are provided complete anonymity. No personally identifiable information is ever released. Full privacy policy.

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Privacy Policies

Survey research is only as good as the trust that respondents have in those conducting the research, so we take our privacy promises extremely seriously. We want every potential respondent to know that they have complete anonymity. Their answers will always be private and never associated with either their institutional or personal identity.

Survey Responses

The privacy of all survey respondents is critical. No personally identifiable information (e.g., name or institutional affiliation) is included in any results.

Open-ended responses may be quoted if and only if the respondent has explicitly granted permission. All such responses will be processed to ensure that no personally identifiable information is included.

When data collection for a particular survey is complete, the raw survey data is moved off line and stored in encrypted format.

Contact Information

We maintain two different sets of contact information – one for conducting surveys and one of persons signing up for survey-related products (such as downloading a report or attending a webinar).

Survey Related Database

Information used for conducting the research process is carefully segregated from all other contact information. It is never shared with sponsors or other organizations – it is used only for the following:

  • Survey invitations. Each survey is directed to a very specific audience (e.g., the chief academic officer of the institution, a teaching faculty member, etc.). Only those appropriate for a particular survey will receive a survey invitation. All survey invitations include a single-click option to opt-out of all future mailings.
  • Survey follow-up. Depending on the specifics of the particular survey, respondents may receive an email message confirming that their response has been recorded. Most survey projects include a promise to the respondents that they will get a full copy of the resulting report when it is released and will receive an email message providing the direct download links. Contact information for the respondent might be used for follow-up questions for a survey if and only if the respondent has specifically granted permission for this as part of their survey submission.
  • Update mailings. Occasional mailings (no more than four per year) with updates on recently published survey reports and news about upcoming surveys are sent to those in the database. Respondents will also have the option to update their contact information. All such mailings include a single-click option to opt-out of all future mailings.
  • Information in the survey related database is not shared with other organizations. Partner organizations, sponsors, and other funding organizations do not have any access to this database. It is not used for any purpose that is not directly related to the survey and report process. Opt-out requests are always honored.

    All contact information not actively being used for a mailing is stored off line in encrypted format.

    Sign-up Database

    Most survey reports are provided as a free download. All reports older than one year are provided at no cost without a requirement for a sign-up process. Some, but not all, of the most recent reports may ask for contact information as part of the download process. Other survey-related activities, such as a webinar on the report results, may also require contact information. This information is valuable to our sponsors, whose support allows us to distribute all reports without cost.

    We may send occasional mailings (no more than four per year) to members of this list with updates on recently published survey reports and news about upcoming surveys. All such mailings include a single-click option to opt-out of all future mailings.

    Information in the sign-up database may be shared with sponsoring organizations under the following conditions:

    1. All persons signing up will have the opportunity to opt-out of sharing their information prior to it being shared with sponsors.
    2. Information will be shared only with those sponsors directly supporting a particular report; it will not be shared with sponsors of other reports or with any other organizations.
    3. All organizations using the shared information must abide by proper emailing etiquette and provide an easy method to opt-out of all future mailings.